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Kelly Clark

Through June 23

scarecrow snowman

The Kelly Clark trunk show is in full swing!
Her designs are so much fun and offer many opportunities for creative embellishment. She has incredibly creative stitch guides for many of her canvases.

There are lots of seasonal characters, samplers, baskets, stockings, beehives, etc., etc. Something for everyone!

We know you will enjoy stitching whatever you purchase!

!!! Finishing Deadline Update !!!

Our finisher has notified us that, due to staffing issues, he is forced to move up the finishing deadline for Christmas items to September 1st.

We are really sorry to make this change, but it's outside of our control.


The Canvasback Loyalty Card

Don't forget about The Canvasback Loyalty Card! For every $500 you spend on canvases, fibers, accessories and furniture, you'll receive a $50 Store Credit toward a future purchase.

Stop in today to get your card and start saving!